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Howard of Warwick’s 13th

The 13th Chronicle of Brother Hermitage is about to emerge. 80,000 sales for the genre that publishers said “wasn’t a thing”. Well, it is a thing, but just the one.

The Bayeux Embroidery tells the tale of a well known historical artefact and all the trouble that went along with it. It might even be true, you never know.

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Funny Book Company publishes Funny Book!

In a move set to startle the publishing industry, The Funny Book Company has today published a funny book.

Asked to comment, the Grand Panjandrum of the company instructed the General Factotum to speak on his behalf: “Yes, it’s true,” he said. “We have. Howard of Warwick keeps writing them and we keep putting them out. If he stopped doing it we could all rest easy.”  Asked to sum up the situation, the General Factotum said “It’s one of those things and what do you expect me to do about it?”

The funny book in question is available to order today.  From here:

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Funny Book Company wins prize!

Well, the cover of one its books does.

The Tapestry of Death gets an honourable mention as July Cover from Discovering Diamonds.

The Credits go to: for cover design. for the illustration.

Links all round!

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Top 10 falls for a funny book

After only years of trying, The Funny Book Company has infiltrated an Amazon top 10. The very latest from Howard of Warwick, A Murder for Master Wat, has lodged itself in the top 10 comedy books in the UK – climbing as high as the number 3 spot.

Extrapolation by the company IT department (which we have warned them about before) indicates that the top 20 was penetrated on as well.

Things can only get better, or worse, or stay pretty much the same, and we look forward to it.

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Funny Book growth continues…

In his spring statement, the Grand Panjandrum of the Funny Book Company reported that more funny books have been sold in the last 12 months than any 12 months that ever existed before. When asked to clarify what qualified as a funny book he refused to answer and jumped out of a window. He was last seen running across a park.

It appears to be true that the Funny Book Company has sold more of its own books than ever before and that they are funny. Howard of Warwick is thought to be responsible.

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Yet another funny book

Howard of Warwick, who should know better by now, has left another deposit on The Funny Book Company doorstep. A Murder for Master Wat is released as an ebook on 28th March.  

This goes with the other 10 Medieval Crime Comedies, 2 humorous historical adventures, a free selection of short stories and a Christmas Novella. And the Tapestry of Death is now out in paperback as well. There’s no stopping the man – and there really ought to be.