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Howard of Warwick: the world’s best selling author of Medieval Crime Comedy.

With Amazon No 1 best sellers and consistent 5* reviews, Howard delivered The Chronicles of Brother Hermitage to the world. A world which didn’t know it needed a naive monk, a weaver of pornographic tapestry and a feisty female artisan until it laughed out loud.

Well known historical events have also fallen to his quill, and never been quite the same since. It’s history as it might have happened but probably didn’t…  visit the author site.

Ainsworth Pennington is the secretive author of Greedy, which has been compared to Tom Sharpe in a science lab. Ainsworth is another 5* writer but little is known of his life – apart from enjoying a cracking funny tale. He has definitely spent some time immersing himself in science – no one knows just how much, or where he got it…

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