The Domesday Book (No, Not That One)


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Out of the Scriptorium comes an extraordinary history.  A book so epic it has a map.

The time in Hastings, England, is 1066 precisely. Duke William of Normandy may have just won the most recent battle in the area but he has mislaid something precious; something so precious no one must even know it is missing. He carefully assembles a team for a secret mission of recovery, (the assembly is careful, not the team), and he sends them forth to the north. But his secret is already out and another band has the treasure in their sights.

Find out what the treasure is. Find out who gets it first. Find out what happens to everyone afterwards. Find out some other stuff. Containing several facts and a brief appearance by a monk; it could have happened, it might have happened… but probably didn’t.

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Paperback ISBN978-0-9929393-2-8

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Reviews for The Domesday Book

A refreshing fun novel with a nod to historical events but with a modern take on the behaviour of the characters. Not for the serious historians…

This “hoot of a book” deserves all of  five stars. It is a riot of laughter from beginning to end. This book makes history very, very funny. Recommend.


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