The Magna Carta (Or is it?)


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Read the full text of Magna Carta in Latin and English here! But don’t take the tale of its production too seriously – or seriously at all. From the quill of Howard of Warwick, the world’s best selling author of historical humour, comes yet more History as it might have happened, but probably didn’t.

Here is a Runnymede full of real people; confused, squabbling, ill-informed and largely incompetent. Never mind 800 years, it’s a miracle the charter survived to the end of its first week…. if it did!

In The Magna Carta (Or Is It?) we discover that King John entrusted the copying of the original charter to one Aelward Dunktish, a man not normally reliable enough to pour water. The King must be up to something. And so must the nobles who want Dunktish for their own purposes. And then there are the King’s notorious mercenaries, the men of Touraine, who have ideas of their own, all of them involving death and horses. They’re all up to no good, and Dunktish IS no good. It’s the sort of tale that will end in disaster – except in the hands of Aelward Dunktish, it all starts with one.

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Reviews for The Magna Carta (Or is it?)

Another entertaining and enjoyable foray into a slice of history that may, but probably not, be true.

If you like a chuckle at your history then this book is for you. Lovely characters who will keep you smiling.



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