Hermitage, Wat and Some Murder or Other


After 1066 not all the Normans were in England. Those left in Normandy were up to no good and the ghastly Le Pedvin, wants one of them dealt with.

Brother Hermitage, the most medieval of detectives, and his companion Wat, weaver of tapestry you wouldn’t want your children to see, are dispatched to the Norman home-land to bring a killer to justice. How they do it is up to them and why they’re doing it is none of their business; they have their orders and the consequences of disobedience will be death – as usual.

It’s not clear what Le Pedvin is up to. It’s not clear that anyone is actually dead. Not much is clear about Norman villagers at all. It’s definitely not clear how Hermitage and Wat are going to get out of this alive.
But it will be….

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Paperback ISBN 978-1-9998959-1-4

The fourth in the Chronicles of Brother Hermitage

Also available for Kindle

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