Hermitage, Wat and some Druids


When his nemesis, the Norman conqueror Le Pedvin orders him to Wales, Brother Hermitage knows it is going to go wrong. He’s had a prophecy it’s going to go wrong. And from his first steps on the road it strides firmly in that direction.

Brother Hermitage, Wat, weaver of pornographic tapestry and Cwen, weaver in her own right and the fiercest of the lot, are commanded to find one dead Norman in the whole of Wales – as usual under pain of death.

Add to that some treasure and a druid curse or two, and we have the recipe for a laugh out loud historical tale like no other. (Apart from the other Chronicles of Brother Hermitage)

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Paperback ISBN 978-1-913383-01-5

The fifth in the Chronicles of Brother Hermitage

Also available as an for Kindle

Reviews for Hermitage, Wat and some Druids

SO good and SO funny as usual. Just can not wait for this author to write these wonderful stories.

What a great sense of humour, a pleasure to read , if you need lifting up then read one of these books.


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