The Case of the Clerical Cadaver


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Conspiracy, secret societies, hidden treasure, that sort of thing.

The Case of the Clerical Cadaver takes Brother Hermitage to places he’d really rather not go.

He encounters situations he’d really rather not encounter and meets people he’d really rather not meet…

Pretty much business as usual for the world’s most medieval detective.

And this time all he has to do is deal with the greatest secret of his age – as well as the dead body of course…


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Paperback ISBN 978-1-913383-11-4   Also available for Kindle

Chronicle of Brother Hermitage Number Seven hits the paper trail

It’s still medieval and still very silly….

A hidden monastery in the depths of England’s depths?

A secret that could rock the church to its core?

A trail of clues that can only be interpreted by an expert?
This all sounds rather familiar….

Except the expert is Brother Hermitage, so I wouldn’t get your hopes up.

Called once more by King William – who doesn’t even know what he’s calling for – Hermitage, Cwen and Wat the weaver set off to deal with the greatest mystery of all. A mystery that has been protected and guarded for years by a secret brotherhood sworn by awful oaths.

A mystery only known to a priest who now happens to be dead.
A mystery hidden in a monastery that isn’t even supposed to exist.
A mystery of such value that the unscrupulous and greedy are also after it, and these particular unscrupulous and greedy know Brother Hermitage very well indeed.

Will all be revealed in a satisfactory manner?
Will the convoluted trail lead to a revelation of staggering significance?

Hardly. This is a Chronicle of Brother Hermitage, after all….

CAUTION: Not for the historically humourless.

Howard of Warwick has previous form…

“Absolutely hilarious” 5*
“I laughed, I had tears running down my face” 5*
“Stupid” 1*





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