The Case of the Curious Corpse


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It’s so much more trouble when important people get murdered.

The Case of the Curious Corpse brings Brother Hermitage face to face with his worst nightmare; King William of England.

And King William of England has a murder victim for Hermitage to deal with; a very peculiar one.

Then the king’s right-hand man, Le Pedvin, turns the nightmare into something far worse.

All of this is to be expected, really, but confusion sets in when Hermitage is told to prove who didn’t do it…


Paperback ISBN 978-1-913383-13-8   Also available for Kindle

Chronicle of Brother Hermitage Number Eight winds up in paper

And it’s more medieval crime comedy; the genre that hides in the bushes and makes strange noises.

Brother Hermitage is compelled to yet another investigation by the sight of a most curious corpse. Helpful compulsion also comes in the shape of a dozen well-armed Norman soldiers and the king’s man Le Pedvin, who will probably stab him if he doesn’t get on with it.

Clearly this a Very Important Victim.

Suspicions are raised by a host of fascinating characters, including Hereward the Wake, all of whom claim to have loved the victim dearly, but all of whom benefit from the death in one way or another.
It’s also a bit odd that King William insists that he is not to blame, despite boasting about being the killer of an awful lot of other people.
On top of all that there is even a rival for the role of Investigator. As Hermitage doesn’t want to be an investigator that’s good, isn’t it?

Ploughing in with Wat and Cwen at his back, side and sometimes in front, Brother Hermitage relies on his well-established methodology (hoping something occurs to him at the last minute). With all that’s going on around this particular death, that might not be enough…

The mysteries of Brother Hermitage have been variously described as “hilarious”, “laugh out loud funny”, “side-splitting”, and “stupid” – which is a bit of mystery in its own right.

And people have even said things about this very book:

5* OMGthisisGREAT

5* Very, very amusing

5* More monkish murder mirth






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