Hermitage, Wat and Some Nuns


Medieval Shrewsbury is surely no place for murder. Never in this charming town would investigative monks wander around bothering people over every little incident.

When Brother Hermitage arrives at Shrewsbury in the summer of 1068 something is up. Or rather down. Gilder, the great merchant is dead and Hermitage’s urge to investigate is overwhelming. His companions, Cwen and Wat, weaver of pornographic tapestry think this is a very bad idea. So does the whole town Moot. And the sheriff and the rest of the population.

And then there are the nuns. Hermitage has never been strong in the face of adversity and an adverse nun is more than he can cope with. A whole order of them is something to be strenuously avoided. But there is always his duty. It’s got him into trouble so many times; why should Shrewsbury be any different?

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Paperback ISBN 978-1-913383-04-6

The 6th in the Chronicles of Brother Hermitage

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Reviews for Hermitage, Wat and Some Nuns

Hermitage, Wat and Some Nuns is hysterically funny. I almost broke stitches laughing. When I say laugh, I mean laugh out loud..

Nothing is taken seriously here. Great British humour and idioms.



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