Brother Hermitage’s Christmas Gift


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William Duke of Normandy is to be crowned King of England on Christmas day 1066; and he expects presents. For reasons beyond reason the monastery of De’Ath’s Dingle is invited to the ceremony and the only monk who can be let out on his own is Brother Hermitage, And he’s not safe without his friend Wat the weaver.

But it will be a rush to get there. With only 7 days to travel over 100 miles, the pair must cross a frozen and largely lawless country if they are to make it to Westminster alive. And then there’s the problem of Wat’s attitude towards gifts in principle. He doesn’t mind a reasonable exchange but simply giving sounds like a very poor deal.

Perhaps the days of the journey will give Brother Hermitage the opportunity to breath the spirit of the season into his weaving friend. Or perhaps not.

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Paperback ISBN 978-1-9998959-7-6

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Reviews for Brother Hermitage’s Christmas Gift

I so enjoyed this story, there is nothing better than a good belly laugh. I often find myself reminded of Laurel and Hardy when reading the adventures of Brother Hermitage. A wonderful Christmas gift indeed!

Love how history is used and slightly twisted to make these stories and provides modern views in a historical setting. Love that there are always characters who are barking mad… More please.


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