The 1066 to Hastings


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If ever there was a bad time to be an Anglo Saxon noble in England it was October 14th 1066. Avoiding the Hastings area was also advisable.

When Saxon noble Lady Gudmund demands that the murder of her husband be investigated, Brother Hermitage feels obliged to help. When she reports that he headed south with King Harold and hasn’t come back, he thinks this might not take long. But life is never simple for the King’s Investigator, and neither is death.

Uncovering things that people have gone to a lot of trouble to cover up in the first place, Brother Hermitage, Wat the Weaver and Cwen embark on an exploration of some of the more deplorable aspects of human nature; along with several pretty deplorable humans. It’s a strange murder when the investigator knows perfectly well who did it, but no one will believe him…

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Reviews for the 1066 to Hastings

Brilliantly funny, but equally makes you think, if you know who did it, you often don’t until the AHA moment.

What a lovely lot of really ‘orrible characters, and they were the Saxons. A hoot from beginning to end.


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