The Domesday Book II (Still Not That One)


England, 1067-ish and the King’s grip is tight. His Earls of Northumbria will keep dying though. Every time he appoints one, someone sticks something in them, or sets light to them. Something is going on and he has a strong suspicion who’s behind it. If he’s right, it could mean real trouble.

In Viking Vinland, the man who would be king awaits rescue – and waits. If no one else is going to do it, he will just have to rescue himself. There’s only a bit of sea to cross, he will sail home and take his throne by force. Although he might need a bit of help. And then there are the Danes and the Scots who have their own ideas.

The text books would have you believe that everything in the past was carefully planned and organised. That the leaders of the time were clear in their aims and decisive in their actions. No one made mistakes, no one incompetent ever got to be in charge and above all, no one ever had a laugh. That all changes now….

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Reviews for the Domesday Book II

This has to be one of the best books I’ve ever read (and that is high praise indeed). It’s not often you get to enjoy such Machiavellian, yet humorous, plots like these.

Plots and counter-plots abound, alliances change frequently and the people of England have no idea from one day to the next who is in charge. It all makes for a great read and, who knows, some of it may even be true!


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