The Bayeux Embroidery


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The nuns of Kent have been commissioned by King William’s brother, Earl Odo, to create a great tapestry telling the glorious history of the Norman conquest of Britain. But when the nuns start dying, one man must be sent for; Brother Hermitage, the King’s Investigator.

With Wat and Cwen, erstwhile weavers of “adult” tapestry themselves, he must solve the crime or face the consequences; as usual. The best plan is probably to wander around Kent rather hopelessly and trust that something occurs to him right at the end; also as usual.

At least in this tale the truth of the Bayeux Tapestry will be revealed: (well, a truth, perhaps). How did it come to be? Who made it? And who thinks that they should have been given the job instead?



Paperback ISBN 978-1-9998959-9-0

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Brilliantly funny – and more accurate than you might think!

Hermitage, Wat and Cwen trip and stumble through known history like a Monty Python script. It’s fun, implausible and just enough of historical events to keep you reading


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